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"I have been seeing Heather for over a year and my nails were a disaster. Heather has totally revived my nails back to health. She is an exceptional business woman who manages a relaxing, clean, comfortable salon. You will not find anyone better than Heather!! Thank you, Heather."

Ann Drabing

Heather does the best work !!! I have been in this business for 46 years and I know a good pedicure!! Heather's work is phenomenal. She is very professional and exceptionally CLEAN. I had a wonderful experience with Heather and highly recommend her. I have been to other salons and cannot believe their hygiene. Heather goes above and beyond with cleanliness and ladies this is so important to be aware of. She didn't even as if i had boyfriend!!! lol Thank you Heather..

Denise Bardes